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tabletop display stand jewelry display cases for retail store

Block Set Project Props & Displays: for Retail, Product Photography and Events

At Block Set Project, our prop shop is a comprehensive source for all your creative display needs, encompassing a diverse range of meticulously crafted pieces.

From minimalist set designs to versatile concrete and cement props, our collection caters to a wide array of styling preferences. Whether you're a professional in food photography seeking an impactful backdrop, a jewelry designer looking for elegant display stands, or a retailer aiming to create captivating store pop-ups and tradeshow exhibits, our collection has something for everyone. Our offerings include artisanal jewelry displays, perfect for showcasing rings and earrings with sophistication, and retail product displays that enhance the shopping experience alongside your sales. For those specializing in photography, our photography prop kits and flatlay product photography props offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your visuals stand out. We also provide concrete display pieces and stone display platforms, ideal for adding a tactile dimension to your product showcases.In our collection, you'll find the best blocks, designed to meet various creative and practical needs.

Each piece, whether for professional jewelry photography, retail displays, or food styling, is crafted with the aim of enhancing your product's presentation while maintaining a refined, stylish, and timeless appeal.

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